UAE Desert Safari Dubai
Offers Best Desert Safari Deals in Dubai

UAE Desert Safari Dubai camp gives the versatile Dubai Desert Safari Prices to the travelers through our cheap Desert Safari Deals Dubai. At the UAE tour, you can take benefit from our various affordable Arabian Desert Safari in Dubai Camp offers that fit for your expectation.

As a matter of fact, it is very important for the visitors who would require the affordable Morning Desert Safari or Evening Desert Safari Ride tour prices to enjoy Arabian desert safari tour in Dubai. We provide the best Dubai desert safari booking in UAE those fit for your budget. Similarly the travel enthusiasts take out from every corner in Dubai, therefore our desert Safari experts in Dubai are ready to give the proper Dubai Desert Safari booking services to the travelers so the tourists from all around the world can enjoy our services. However you can get the best offers for the different desert safari Dubai fun activities in UAE.

In addition we are famous for our various city tour offers and desert safari deals we provide, our Dubai Desert Safari Guides and UAE City Tour Guides will make your tour more spicy. The possible Dubai trip is not just based on typical Desert Safari Packages in Dubai or UAE City Tours but also lots of many other cheap ideas and famous offers available. Those offers are truly suitable for your family as we have best Dubai Desert Safari Groupon offers and Dubai Desert Safari Family Offers.

You can make use of the VIP Desert Safari Tour Dubai which comes with the best inclusions such as Dubai VIP Table Service and all.


Our Dubai Desert Safari Booking Deals in 2019

Evening Desert Safari by Self Drive - AED 40
Evening Desert Safari by Bus - AED 55
Evening Desert Safari with Pick & Drop - AED 110
VIP Desert Safari with VIP Table Service - AED 150


For detailed Dubai Desert Safari Booking information and economical safari deals, please scroll down.



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Discover Scuba Diving Tour - AED 1253
PADI Open Water Diving Course - AED 1300
Dubai Atlantis Explorer Certified Scuba Dive - AED 1000

what UAE Desert Safari Dubai offers

UAE Desert Safari is like a One Stop Shop in Dubai for your UAE Tourism adventures and entertaining desert safari activities. You will find all kind of Arabian tours to explore Dubai at discounted desert safari with unlimited inclusions as we are the best Desert Safari pioneer tour operator in Dubai / UAE. Please look through our latest desert safari Dubai package deals and desert safari packages below available at competitive Prices.

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Dubai Desert Safari Trips

Desert Safari Camel Ride

UAE Desert Safari presents the economical and Best Desert Safari Offers Dubai for different types of Arabian Desert Safari Trips in Dubai at competitive Tour Prices.

Morning Desert Safari - AED 200 - UAE Desert Safari Dubai Tours - Affordable Arabian Desert Safari Deals & Best Offers

8:00 am - 12:00 pm / Morning Deals Tour Dubai

  • AED 200 / person

Evening Desert Safari - AED 30 / AED 60 / AED 110

3:00 pm - 9:00 pm / Amazing Dubai Dune Bashing Deals

  • AED 40 / AED 55 / AED 110 / person

Overnight Desert Safari - AED 220

3:00 pm - 8:00 am / Crazy Quad Bike Ride Deals

  • AED 220 / person

VIP Desert Safari - AED 150

3:00 pm - 9:00 pm / Free Pick & Drop + Camel Safari Deals

  • AED 150 / person

Sunrise Desert Safari - AED 450

5:00 am - 12:00 pm / Dubai Evening Family Safari Cheap Deals

  • AED 450 / person

Hummer Desert Safari - AED 280

3:00 pm - 8:00 pm / Best Private Hummer Deals Dubai Desert

  • AED 280 / person



Again on top of standard trips in UAE, you may consider UAE tour offers such as Desert Safari Best Group Deals & Family Deals, VIP Evening Safari Deals with VIP Table Service Offer, Mountains Safari Offers, Crazy Desert Ride Deals, Sand Board Fun Offers in desert, Surprise Desert Party Deals, Birthday Celebration Desert Party Offers, New Year 2019 Celebration Offers in Dubai Desert, Scuba Diving Trip, Dubai Atlantis Explorer, Hot Air Balloon Adventure, Dhow Cruise Romantic Dinner packages, Best Desert Safari Sharjah Deals and many more tour cheap offers.

UAE City Tour Offers

UAE Desert Safari offers the Adventurous UAE City Tours Offers at best Prices per person

Abu Dhabi City Tour - AED 200

9:00 am - 9:00 pm / Abu Dhabi City Offers UAE - Full Day Half Day

  • AED 200 / person

Dubai City Tour - AED 120

3:00 pm - 9:00 pm / Dubai Famous Attractions Offers - Full Day Half Day

  • AED 120 / person

Burj Khalifa Tour - AED 150

9:00 am - 9:00 pm / Full Day & Half Day Deals at Best Prices

  • AED 150 / person

Abu Dhabi City Tour + Ferrari World - AED 450

9:00 am - 9:00 pm / Full Day & Half Day Affordable UAE Tours Offers

  • AED 450 / person

Helicopter Ride - AED 800

12-minutes Ride / Ferrari World Offers Abu Dhabi Famous Tour

  • AED 800 / person

Dhow Cruise & Water Fun Deals

UAE Desert Safari offers best Dhow Cruise Dinner Offers and other Water Fun activities in Dubai.

Dhow Cruise Creek Dinner - AED 60

8:00 PM - 10:00 PM / Dhow Cruising Deals + Romantic Dinner + Belly Dance

  • AED 60 / person

Dhow Cruise Marina Dinner - AED 140

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm / Dubai Dhow Marina Dinner Hot & Romantic Offers

  • AED 140 / person

Marina Glass Boat Dinner - AED 199

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm / Dubai Marina Boat Dinner Hot Belly Dance Offers

  • AED 199 / person

Musandam Dibba Cruise - AED 175

9:00 am - 9:00 pm / Hatta & Musandam Cruise Tour Deals

  • AED 175 / person

Yas Water Wolrd Dubai - AED 250

9:00 am - 9:00 pm / Yas Water World Park Offers Dubai Water Fun Attractions

  • AED 250 / person

Fishing Trip with Luxury Yachts - AED 649

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm / Cruise Dubai Fishing Deals Dubai Luxury Yachts Trip

  • AED 649 / person

Cruise on 55 feet Luxury Boat - AED 2000

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm / Cruise on 55 feet Luxury Boat Deals in Dubai

  • AED 2000 / person









Desert Safari Deals & Offers

Dubai Desert Safari Deals include lots of FREE add ons like Home (or Hotel) Pick & Drop, 4WD Dune Bashing Dubai, Arabian Costumes, Unlimited Soft Drinks & Water, Unlimited Coffee & Tea, Delicious Snacks, BBQ (Veg / non-Veg), International Buffet Dinner, Henna Designs & Henna Painting, 6 Live Entertainment Shows (Tanoura Dance, Belly Dance Shows, Fire Shows, Stick Show), Sand Boarding, Multilingual Speaking Professional Tour Guides and lots of more FREE FUN comes in every desert safari standard package price.

*ATV Quad Bike, Camel riding, Horse riding & Pictures with Falcon are not included in each deal but always available on extra cost.


Evening Desert Safari Adventure Offers

There are different types of Evening Desert Safari Deals like Evening Desert Safari Self Drive (AED 30), Evening Desert Safari by Bus (AED 60) and Evening Desert Safari with Pick & Drop (AED 110), each Evening Desert Safari Deal comes with best possible inclusions as listed above which you won't be able to find elsewhere in Dubai.


Amazing Holiday & Desert Safari Tour Offers

UAE Desert Safari in Dubai, allows you to be at the most magical places in Dubai. There’s always something sepcial for everyone. We will offer you with the amazing holiday deals adventure through our top rated offers with discounted price and lots of inclusions.

That is, you are sure of having a front row seat to some of Dubai’s most exceptional experiences.

Look at our list of affordable red dune desert safari package deals. Desert Safari Dubai Cost, it has top quality inclusions as listed above and described in detail below:


It’s for sure you’ve been planning your trip for a while so let us give you the reliable desert safari service where we provide prompt pick & drop offers to and from your preferred place (Home or Hotel) anywhere in Dubai, Sharjha and Ajman. It means you can explore arabian desert without worrying about your ride to Dubai desert safari.

*VIP Desert Safari Tour Deals in Dubai includes 4x4 Land Cruiser Pick & Drop from anywhere in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman.

Are you a fan of Arabian wear? With our each package desert safari deal, you will finally get a chance to put on some of the nice outfits in the market while being in the lovely Dubai Desert in the evening at our desert safari camp.

We offer soft drinks and water so you won’t have any hydration problems during your Dubai desert safari tour.

With our desert safari packages, you can now enjoy your evening with the coffee or tea based on your taste and mood durin your desert safari adventure in Dubai.

We provide snacks to our desert safari guests. Therefore, you will be full enough to handle the desert environment while desert safaris.

You haven’t lived in Dubai if you’ve not tasted the delightful Arab delicacies. Make your way to our desert safari bookings section, and you will get a chance to sample the Arab dishes. We are also sensitive to our customer’s preferences, so you don’t have to worry. From non veggies to gluten-free foods, we will take care of you no matter your dietary plan.

We have a team of well-trained desert safari Dubai kitchen staff who will prepare you the delicious desert safari dinner services, with the different Dubai tastes and dishes; As a result we guarantee that your Dubai desert safari adventure will open new taste buds for you.

Body markings and tattoos are traditional practices in several cultures. Our primary body marking rituals are Dubai henna tattoos deals. Henna comes from natural paste of a plant known as Lawsonia Lnermis.

Our well-trained Dubai desert safari team will present you all the latest designs. However, you have the chance to choose any artwork you prefer. You can even pick your own design, and professional desert safari henna designers will make it work for you.

Imagine a taste of the Arab world come to life in one concert? You are definitely in for a treat.

Well, you will love the live entertainment shows liek Belly Dance, Tanoura Dance, Fire Show etc we have in store for you. In addition, all the sets are setup in the traditional Arab settings. Some of the live shows include;

World famous Arabian Belly Dance Offer:
In the meantime, you get the chance to sip a soft drink while you are watching the arabina belly dancers. The feeling is incomparable.

You will have fantastic evening where all of our guests get to enjoy special nights with live Arabic music and belly dance performances.

Dubai Fire Show Offer:
From here on, you will have the opportunity to enjoy well-choreographed fires shows.

Are you an extreme sports lover or you’re in an exploring mood? Then, you have come to the right place. Our Dubai desert safari sand surfing team will guide you through the perfect desert spots to sand board.

Therefore if you have no prior experience in this, our Dubai desert safari sand boarding team will guide you through the basics hence making you an expert in very short time.

Dubai is a home to a vast desert. We offer Dubai desert safari expert tour drivers with ATV and other 4x4 automobiles. However, you will get the chance to test the desert terrain.

You won’t have to learn Arabic so that you can enjoy a delightful desert safari evening in that magical place in Dubai desert. We have expert multilingual desert safari tour guides who will make your stay even more entertaining.

On top of any selected Offer, you can always request for extra add-ons listed below, for paying extra cost...

- VIP Lounge / VIP customer services

- With the VIP Desert Safari Tour Deals Dubai, you will naturally enjoy the perfect desert safari comfort and desert safari luxury for an extra cost. For this reason, get to our booking sections and see some of the desired features we offer.

- More to that, you can consider our;
ATV Quad Bike Ride Offers
Camel Riding Deals (Ship of The Desert)
Horse Riding Options
Pictures with Falcon Deals Dubai
Birthday Party Deals in Dubai Desert
Dubai Evening Safari Offers


Dubai Desert Safari Belly Dancer

Dubai Desert Safari Pick & Drop Locations

There are multiple desert safari pick up points through-out in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. We have a team of certified and professional drivers.

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