Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari is unforgettable tour in desert you will get Camel Ride, Quad Bike, DINNER, SHOWS, If you are looking for a unique adventure, the city of Dubai is a land filled with numerous opportunities. However, if you are seeking an experience like no other to make your trip all the more memorable, then experience the world-class offerings of our morning desert safari Dubai, evening desert safari dubai and overnight desert safari dubai today!

Dubai Desert Safari is a must especially if you are visiting the country for the first time. You can now be a part of extraordinary adventure in Dubai by adding Dubai Desert Safari to your bucket list. UAE Desert Safari offers the best Desert Safari in Dubai deals, allowing you to choose from our various tour packages. Morning desert safari, evening desert safari and overnight desert safari, all of these packages have unique attributes and provide different experiences.

Best Desert Safari Dubai Deals

UAE Desert Safari provides economical Dubai desert safari deals and offers which are listed on our website Your desert safari experience in Dubai will begin by being picked up at a location of your choice. You will then be taken to the desert where you can enjoy bashing the sand dunes in a 4x4 SUV.Along with the three variations of desert safari packages mentioned above, UAE Desert Safari also offers city tours, helicopter ride and various cruise packages. Below are the most availed deals.

  • Luxury Boat Cruise: The luxury boat cruise offers you an unforgettable 1 to 2 hours ride depending on the size of your boat. The size varies from 55-feet to 80-feet. This cruise is great for birthdays and anniversaries. You are even allowed to swim on this cruise.
  • Marina Glass Boat Cruise: This cruise lets you enjoy the view of Dubai’s skyscrapers while sailing along the Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah. It is a 2-hour cruise with buffet dinner and unlimited drinks.
  • Helicopter Ride: You can choose from a package of a 12-minute helicopter ride up to a 19-minute helicopter ride to enjoy the view of World Island, Palm Dubai and the Arabian Sea from the sky.


Desert Safari Booking Form

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The evening desert safari begins between 3.30 to 4.00 p.m. and lasts for about 8 hours.

AED 130 60


The morning desert safari is a package offered by UAE Desert Safari.

AED 120 75


The overnight desert safari is our most availed package.

AED 300 220


The Hummer Desert Safari package can be chosen in any of the timings mentioned above.

AED 500 280
abu dhabi


UAE Desert Safari offers you a great Abu Dhabi City Tour, thoughtfully choosing the most significant places for you to visit.

AED 250 200
yas water


Abu Dhabi City Tour & Yas Waterworld, Embark on an adrenaline filled adventure with tickets only AED 299

AED 350 250


Soar the high skies with 12 or 19 minutes helicopter ride and see the World Islands..

AED 1200 800


UAE Desert Safari provides you the opportunity to go on Dubai City Sightseeing Tour that’s packed with exciting ventures and memorable stops.

AED 200 120*
burj khalifa


Burj Khalifa Tickets At the top 125 AED. Tallest building in the world, one of the fastest elevator rides.

AED 300 150
marina glass


Marina Dhow Cruise Dinner is one of the Dhow Cruise packages offered by the UAE Desert Safari.

AED 350 199
cruise luxury

Cruise on 55 feet Luxury Boat @AED 2000

UAE Desert Safari has prepared the best Luxury Yacht Dubai deals for you to experience an adventure of a lifetime.

AED 3500 2000
musandam dibba


Musandam Dibba Tour from Dubai is one of the many things you can do while in the city.

AED 250 175
creek dhow curise dubai


In contrast to Dubai Marina Cruise which lets you explore modern Dubai, Dubai Creek Cruise gives a taste of the traditional Dubai.

AED 250 120
marina dhow cruise dubai

Marina Dhow Cruise @AED 115

Marina Dhow Cruise in Dubai is so special because you get to witness picturesque sights while enjoying a unique ride – a dhow.

AED 150 115
uae desert safari


Desert Safari in UAE is an Arabian adventure that features golden sand dunes, comfortable campsites and multitude of games and sports.

AED 250 175


It is an extension of the evening desert safari and it lets you enjoy a night in the desert safari under the blanket of stars. 

AED 250 140

Abu Dhabi City Tour + Ferrari World @AED 359

UAE Desert Safari offers you a chance to tour Abu Dhabi and visit the Ferrari-inspired, one of a kind theme park known as the Ferrari World.

AED 600 359
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FISHING TRIP with Luxury Yachts @AED 649

UAE Desert Safari offers two basic fishing tour packages. One is a 2-hour tour while the other takes 4 hours to complete.

AED 1000 649

Welcome to Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Morning desert safari in heart of UAE which is Dubai. We provide a safe and secure safari ride in in morning and gives our best to make your day stunning and nostalgic. So let us contact today and get ready for thrilling adventure in Morning Desert safari Dubai. In the end of the tour we will please you with an exotic performance by our enchanting belly dancer, Boofa Dinner. Lastly, arrive at the inflation point and inflate tires for the drive back to the drop back location.

As it provides the opportunity to experience among the excellent customs of the Middle East your Camel ride Experience system is popular with both people and tourists alike. Where individuals truly worry about the creatures come and see the well-cared for mounts and camels, you may see-the real Dubai. We will suggest sunset compromise or morning flights out in the peaceful substantial wilderness where you may visit gazelles etc. at UAE desert Safari in Dubai.

  • AED 50 per person for a group of 30 or more people or
  • AED 75 per person (Pick n Drop at Our meeting Point)

Cities Tour in UAE

UAE Desert Safari offers the most economical and exciting tour of the cities in UAE. Here is what the UAE Desert Safari is offering currently.

  • VIP Abu Dhabi City Tour: This tour takes you from Dubai to Abu Dhabi where you can sightsee for a whole day with your family and friends. You will get to visit a lot of places while in Abu Dhabi, a few of which will be the man-made Jebel Ali Port, Marina Mall, Presidential Palace and a drive-through Ferrari World theme park.
  • Yas Waterworld Tour: The package includes a tour of Abu Dhabi as well as the Yas Waterworld. Yas Waterworld will be an enthralling experience for you and your kids as you’ll get to enjoy 45 different slides and swimming pools.
  • Dubai City Tour: UAE Desert Safari also offers a tour of Dubai city which includes visiting the Madinat Jumeirah, Jumeirah open beach, Jumeirah mosque, Dubai Creek, Mall of Emirates, Dubai Mall, Dubai Museum, Dubai Golden Souk and a visit to Burj Al Arab and Sheikh Mohammed Palace from the outside.


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Adventure Attraction and Thrill in Dubai Desert Safari

There are several activities in desert safari Dubai such as dune bashing, camel rides and quad biking. All these activities provide immense thrill and adventure to anyone who is an adrenaline junkie.

UAE Desert Safari is for those who seek adventure as well as for those who want to relax with their families. To get the full experience of Arabian adventure with desert safari, enjoy the incredible offers by the UAE Desert Safari. Your campsite will be decorated according to the Arabian traditions and you will be treated to Arabian cuisine and belly dancing. Women can get henna on their hands for free to feel the Arabian vibe.

Exciting Experience in Emirates Desert Safari

Anyone who visit Dubai and looking for a Emirates desert safari, UAE desert safari Dubai is a best ride for you to enjoy with your friends and family. Emirates desert safari will inject a new energetic blood in your vein and give you a fantastic feeling when you sight a sunrise while morning desert safari. So let's book your desert safari today with us to enjoy a thrilling ride and extreme exciting trip in heart of Dubai.

Our Emirates desert safari starts off with a pickup at a location of your choosing. It can be at your hotel, your favourite restaurant, or an iconic tourist attraction within the city. Our professional drivers will pick you up at your desired location in a 4x4 SUV. Each SUV is special, while providing the utmost in safety and structural stability in Dubai desert.

We will then take you through a thrilling experience as we bash the sand dunes across the desert. Inclusive of the trip is a sunset photo opportunity best for immortalizing the precious memory.

A desert safari will be adventure ride when you enjoy Dune Bashing and We are specialize in a range of dune bashing in Dubai. Our instructor will guide you around a natural trail of the dunes, picking up speed as your confidence increases. For your comfort and safety we design each dune buggy with a full roll cage, bucket seats and a full safety harness.

After shedding the sandy Emirates dunes, we arrive at a camp, where you are given the opportunity to experience an authentic camel safari, where you can ride an actual camel, for free. If you wish, we can also give you the option to enjoy a session of quad biking within a cordoned bike course, after your free camel safari.

At the camp, you can enjoy an assortment of refreshments, including soft drinks, water, tea, and coffee, to accompany a sumptuous buffet dinner, complete with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

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Desert Safari Dubai With Affordable Prices and Packages

Get ready for an apic adventure of your life. If you visit Dubai and never enjoy desert safari Dubai in fact evening desert safari Dubai then your trip is worthless. Let's take your phone, call us today book your ride and enjoy a memorable evening desert safari with us in amazing arena of Dubai. We offer an evening ride at Dubai desert in reasonable price than one can afford with their friends and family.

Find affordable Dubai Tours and Vacation Packages for Desert safari in Morning or Evening. Guided visit to Burj Khalifa of Dubai. So if you are looking for the best desert safari in Dubai, contact us today!

  • AED 110 per person pick and drop by 4x4
  • AED 60 per person (Pick n Drop at Our meeting Point)

UAE Desert Safari With Arabian Traditions

In UAE desert safari campsite is artistically design according to Arabian tradition where you enjoy belly dance, exclusive henna for a beautiful ladies, An Arabian coffee and a lot of more fun. Along such things you enjoy our valuable meal vegetarian and non-vegetarian (on your preference ). Once all the thrills settle down you will go for a sleep after an exciting night and will wake up with fresh air of desert and sweet adore of breakfast. At the end of trip you will serve with a tasty and delicious breakfast and glorify day with a sight of sunset. If you looking for some more extra services than book our deluxe package to get a supreme fun. So let's hire us today to taste a thrilling and exotic flavor of UAE desert safari deals.

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