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Why is Dubai Desert Safari the best attraction in Dubai? - UAE Desert Safari Dubai
  • 15 Mar 2019

Why is Dubai Desert Safari the best attraction in Dubai?

Dubai’s tourism industry has seen robust growth in the recent past. There is an increase of about 2% in the number of tourists visiting Dubai over last year to this year. On average, around 15 million tourists visit Dubai to enjoy and explore this beautiful city. But do you know that Dubai Desert Safari is the best attraction in Dubai? I have been hearing about Dubai Desert Safari a lot over the years. I decided to visit Dubai to find out Why Dubai Desert Safari is the best attraction in Dubai?

The question came to my mind that what is so unique about UAE Desert Safari when there are other attractions. The tall skyscrapers like BURJ KHALIFA AND BURJ AL ARAB, World famous Dubai Mall and IBN BATUTTA MALL, all are here. I find people planning a morning, afternoon or night to drive through the red sands of Dubai Deserts, keeping UAE Desert Safari as the number one on their itinerary. It is so popular one fellow traveller informed he cancelled a trip to BURJ KHALIFA and went to see the Dubai Desert Safari. He informed me that he booked the tickets from the UAE Desert Safari Dubai website - https://uaedesertsafari.com/, so there was no cancellation charge. That was really amazing about UAE Desert Safari, a pioneer in proving travel solutions to millions of tourists since inception.

Millions choose Dubai Desert Safari as their number one attraction when they visit UAE because:

Driving through the Red Sand Dunes for the Dune Bashing is a unique experience.

Dubai Desert Safari drivers are top notch professionals taking care of your safety.

Every vehicle has safety belts and special care for children. UAE Desert Safari packages are customized in that way to add more safety during your Dubai Desert Safari.

Every vehicle and driver is inspected thoroughly by the government department before they were given permission.

Enjoy the best of Arabic Culture in an Arabic Style Camp during the Dubai Desert Safari.

Enjoy the unique hot beverage – ARABIC QAHWA, a taste and aroma never to be forgotten.

Enjoy unique entertainment shows – Live Belly Dance, Fire Show and many other exciting shows during a Dubai Desert Safari Adventure tour.

These are obviously a few among the top reasons to answer the question – Why Dubai Desert Safari is the best attraction of Dubai, but there are more reasons and answers to it. If you are really keen to know and experience, book your tickets now from UAE Desert Safari Dubai Website (https://uaedesertsafari.com/) and choose their Dubai Desert Safari Deals. I assure you to get an unforgettable experience like never before.