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  • 250 AED / Person

East Coast Tour

The East Coast of UAE lies between Oman and Muscat and it is the only part of UAE that is not surrounded by desert. The fifth largest emirate of UAE, known as the Emirate of Fujairah, is located on the Gulf of Oman. It is one of the quieter regions of UAE with lots of green villages, mountains, archaeological sites and historical points.

UAE Desert Safari’s East Coast tour from Dubai takes you to the most famous and iconic places in Fujairah while passing through small towns like Masafi and Dibba.

East Coast Tour at Ancient Places

The East Coast tour begins when you are picked up from your hotel or residence in Dubai or Sharjah around 8.00-8.30 a.m. You will be driven through Eastern sights such as the Oasis of Al Dhaid and the Hajar Mountain Range.

Our first stop of the East Coast tour will be at Khor Kalba which is the oldest mangrove forest of Arabia. Here you can spot marine and birdlife found only in the UAE. The tour will continue towards the city of Fujairah until we reach the Fujairah Museum.

This museum has preserved and recorded the ancestral heritage and history of the UAE. You will find pottery, coins, farming tools, ancient weapons and costumes worn by the people of that area in the past. A 1916 ancient rifle called Khedewi is also displayed in Fujairah Museum. You will also find evidence through pictures that the Emirate of Fujairah has been inhabited since the 3rd millennium B.C.

The next stop on the East Coast tour will be at the Fujairah Fort which is located 20 meters above sea level on a high hill. The fascinating thing about the Fujairah Fort is that it is very different from typical forts. It has 3 circular towers and a square tower all linked by a wall. The fort has been built with hay, clay, gypsum, stone and gravel which proves that it was built between 1500 and 1550 A.D. The fort has undergone recent renovations. You will have plenty of opportunities to photograph this historic beauty.

After stopping briefly for lunch, we will visit the Fujairah Heritage Village where you will witness UAE’s traditional ways of life. You will be introduced to the Al Yazrah irrigation system which is meant for irrigating fields. There will be plenty of historical things to look at such as ancient cooking utensils, traditional houses and farming tools.

Our last stop of the tour will be at the Al Bidiya Mosque which is the oldest mosque in UAE. This mosque is located near the city of Dibba, some 35 kilometers north of Fujairah. Al Bidiya Mosque is known for its unique structure, being built without any timber holding the roof. A tour around the ancient mosque will certainly make you appreciate Emirate of Fujairah’s rich Islamic and architectural history. You will be driven back to your destination in Dubai by 6.00-6.30 p.m.

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Eastcost Tour Basic Package (Minimum 4 People):

  • * 1 to 4 Persons ( AED 250/ per person)
  • * 5 to 10 Persons ( AED 225/ per person)
  • * 11 to 15 Persons ( AED 200/ per person)

Eastcost Tour Package Inclusion

  • Pickup from your hotel or residence in Dubai / Sharjah
  • Oasis of AL Dhaid
  • Market of Masafi
  • Mountains of Dibba
  • Fishing Village of Fujairah
  • Ocean at Khorfakkan
  • Drop back to your hotel or residence around (9:00pm to 9:30pm)