We offer a range of different luxury yachts rental Dubai packages customized according to your needs. From romantic dates with your loved one to extravagant parties, from corporate events to just an adventurous day out with friends, we have something for everyone.

An Unforgettable Journey Awaits You

You will be requested to join our experienced and trained crew members at the Dubai Marina Walk from where you will board the luxury yacht and sail into the sparkling waters. Yachts for rent in Dubai are fully insured and adhere to all safety measures to ensure a safe trip for you.

According to your preferences, UAE Desert Safari provides a range of on-board facilities such as fishing equipment, music system, sumptuous food, tour guides and a lot more. You can also swim in the beautiful and crystalline waters around the Dubai Marina. You will be provided unlimited refreshments throughout your cruise.

With UAE Desert Safari you will get to experience the best luxury yachts in Dubai with sleek exterior and tasteful interior. Depending on the size of the luxury yacht, there will be bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and a bathroom. The spacious outdoor area features a sun deck at the front and an open deck at the back for you to enjoy the beautiful views of Dubai from the sea. The evening cruise lets you view Dubai’s magnificent skyline while an afternoon cruise allows you to enjoy the sunset.

The major attraction to visit while on a luxury yacht cruise is The World. Also known as the World Islands, it is a collection of artificial islands created in a rough setting to duplicate the world map and is located 4 kilometers from the coast of Dubai. You can take plenty of pictures of this one of a kind island.

Luxury Yacht Dubai Packages

You can avail any of the following luxury yacht packages that best suit your needs:

  • 1-Hour Luxury Yacht Cruise: This yacht cruise offers you a great time on our luxury yachts for an hour. You can choose from a variety of 55-foot, 70-foot or 80-foot luxury yachts. In the 55-foot yacht you can bring from 2-20 people, in the 70-foot yacht from 2-25 people and in the 80-foot yacht from 2-30 people.
  • 2-Hour Luxury Yacht Cruise: The 2-hour luxury yacht cruise allows you to enjoy on any of our 55, 70 or 80 feet yachts. If you want party yachts rental in Dubai, the 2-hour luxury yacht cruise is the best for you.  
All these packages have different prices and for more information you can visit our website uaedesertsafari.com.

Cruise on 55 feet Luxury Boat with up to 20 people

  • Click the buy button and choose from the following packages
  • Option 1: 1 hour 55 foot for 20 pax luxury boat cruise - AED 1099
  • Option 2: 2 hour 55 foot for 20 pax luxury boat cruise - AED 2189
  • Option 3: 1 hour 70 foot for 25 pax luxury boat cruise - AED 1299
  • Option 4: 2 hour 70 foot for 25 pax luxury boat cruise - AED 2589
  • Option 5: 1 hour 80 foot for 30 pax luxury boat cruise - AED 1999
  • Option 6: 2 hour 80 foot for 30 pax luxury boat cruise - AED 3989
  • Unlimited drinking water
  • You are permitted to bring you own beverages and snacks
  • Swimming is permitted
  • Boat is fully insured
  • Great for birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations
  • Multiple Vouchers can be bought as gifts
Luxury Yachts Dubai  - UAE Desert Safari

Luxury Yachts Dubai  - UAE Desert Safari


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